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Our 3-step control system ensures quick production and the highest quality standards. Apart from THT and SMT assembly, we also take on the assembly of modules and complete machines, as well as functional, endurance and final testing of existing machines. Last but not least, we also provide optimal logistics, with coordination and management in real time.


Planning & Projecting

Cross-functional EDP system; up-to-date logistical planning; project management from order to delivery.

Component Supply

Suppliers and partner companies internationally; efficient material supply and commissioning.


THT and SMT assembly; optical and automatic optical control (AOI); electrical function testing; protective coating and individual customised solutions.






Complete or partial assembly or preassembly; variable casting in the mould.

Testing & Inspection

We off er function tests and final tests of ready machines. If required, we also off er run-in tests (software-supported load tests).


Flexible full-service-orientated Kanban delivery; just-in-time delivery; component stockage and material management.

Project Planning

TES boasts smart project managers and top engineers for our “smart plate consulting”. Each project therefore features the highest effi ciency and higher performance potential. Our up-to-date planning makes the impossible possible.

Component Supply

Our smart stock principle enables an EDP-assisted, flexible production flow with shorter transport routes. Our warehousing capacities and the network perfected for decades ensure the quick and smooth supply of materials. The commissioning processes targeted towards efficiency round the pre-production professionally.


Our experts are able to conduct THT and SMT assembly processes as a perfectly attuned production procedure. Owing to state-of-the-art processing lines and our unique talent-sourcing principle, small and large productions can become a great success in small units, using our stop-slot production process. Cutting edge security: cleverly set control intervals guarantee a high degree of reliability and solid in-time quality.


Have it your way! We offer you the assembly of modules and complete machines, as well as partial assembly and preassembly. Assembly with and without material purchasing and casting into moulds are also part of our service spectrum.

Testing & Inspection

Maximum function is a duty. TES with its efficient “3-step control” system has a 99.7% function guarantee already in the first test phase (Q1). With two further control units, we ensure the highest standard and off er function tests, endurance tests and final tests of ready machines for absolute perfection.


Just-in-time demands clever logistics and dedication, which our supply warehouse offers. For your cost efficiency, we also offer Kanban delivery and component stockage, as well as material management and commissioning.

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • Product manufacturing according to UL